every now and then courfeyrac sends combeferre dumb puns and combeferre couldn’t be more infatuated.

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Les Mis sketchdump, part II (part I)

Read the captions! :)

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Les Mis sketchdump :p

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"Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat?""Because you still have spots.”"…My complexion is hardly relevant."
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"Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat?"
"Because you still have spots.
"…My complexion is hardly relevant."

~~view in full screen version!~~

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Anonymous said:
Hi! Would it be okay if I possibly maybe wrote a fanfic based on your Wizard of Oz/Sherlock drawings?

Sure, that’d be really cool! Be sure to link me to it when you’re finished. :)

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xanon xreply
"A shadow."
This was supposed to be a funny joke that involved Peter Pan but then it turned serious.

"A shadow."

This was supposed to be a funny joke that involved Peter Pan but then it turned serious.

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Ah, yes. Valentine’s Day. May your glasses stay full and your fanfiction be plentiful and explicit.

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John and his valentines.

John and his valentines.

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I saw that art progression thing going around and decided to give it a shot! I don’t live with my parents anymore, so the oldest art I could find was from 2009. It was an interesting experience grouping them up like that; you start noticing all these common factors (like how I gave up on backgrounds this year lol). 

It also made me realize how little I’ve drawn this year. :( I guess 2013 has been kind of a dry year for me, art-wise. Hopefully 2014 will be different!

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xalso funny to see the topics of your drawings x2009 was the year of the vampire chronicles for me xthen came superheroes xthen supernatural xthen sherlock xand now it's like xwho the fuck even knows xmy art xbad art is good art xprogress
Ep. 35, “Lazy Day”

Ep. 35, “Lazy Day”

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